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Most organizations struggle with retaining top talent , employee satisfaction boosts loyalty and reduces churn

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Get your Net promoter score through the roof.

Help your employees live happier, more productive lives and watch your business soar

Here are a few things your employees get when youpartner with us

  • Access to hundreds of gyms and fitness classes across 50+ cities globally.

  • Access to wellness centres for activities like massages and meditation.

  • Access to professionals via in-app text and voice - fitness coaches, dieticians, and medical doctors.

At all their favourite places

Gyms, Spa's , Yoga Studios , Dance Studios - Explore our Gyms, Studios, Spas and more

  • Capelli
  • Durema
  • ZIZI
  • Zanzee
  • Deo-Gratias
  • Bistokas
  • 0’Naturals
  • Pro-Fit
  • Aliseph
  • Taupe
  • SureFit
  • Binfem

A plan for every employee

You set the limit per employee, we take care of the rest

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    300 capsules


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